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Founder/Lead Artist

Artist Statement    

In today’s virtual world, so much of what captures our eye is on the screen. Computer generated graphics consume our everyday lives. The over-stimulated eye needs a refuge. As we move deeper into the digital age, I feel the need for hand-made, contemporary art is even more vital. My large scale, exterior mosaic work intends to provide a needed reprieve from our intense digital world. 

The art of mosaic is centuries old. It's rich history and global representation have intrigued me for years. The world is changing rapidly, however this art form has sustained for thousands of years.  My work strives to use the ancient technique but in a contemporary, modern way. My approach is to create seamless pieces that complement todays state-of-the-art, cutting edge architecture and landscape design.

Whether collaborating with stakeholders or conceptualizing on my own, I always first, try and capture the viewer from afar. My work often incorporates the use of large, bold imagery with broad strokes of color to bring awareness and curiosity. As one gets closer, the variety of tesserae, attention to detail and the precision should draw the viewer in. The realization of the mosaic becomes clearer, prompting the viewer to marvel in the hand cut ceramic and glass tesserae. The labor that went into the piece, now takes center stage. The eye wanders across the thousands of irregular pieces that make up the larger whole. One becomes intrigued by the texture, with a need to touch and feel the piece. Emotions stir and a connection to the piece begins, creating an experience for the viewer.

As a multi-disciplined artist working in many mediums my whole life, I find immense pleasure in the discipline of mosaic. It genuinely sooths the soul. But my ultimate joy comes from the creation of a community piece. Engaging a community through art is the most satisfying and rewarding experience. It has changed my life. Watching a community come together through art is a beautiful experience. The joy is bountiful. It is generational. It is permanent and lasting. It is… my work.

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