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Orange County, Florida

12' X 15' Mosaic Triptych 

October 2022

The Spirit of Pine Hills is a 180 square foot mosaic triptych with each of the three panels measuring 5’ x 12’. The triptych symbolizes unity by having multiple parts coming together to form one whole. Each segment is framed in ¼” aluminum framing and mounted on the wall. Walking into the new Orange County Community Center, the mural will be located on the feature wall in the main lobby.  Standing approximately 2 feet off the ground and 12 feet tall, the mural accentuates and complements the lobby’s high clerestory peak. Inspired by the people and families that make up the Pine Hills Community, my design celebrates the many cultures within the community as well as honors the past. I grounded the piece in the elements of nature as it is the natural world that bonds us. Thus, the sun, sky, earth take center stage. Symbolism, both bold and subtle are abundant throughout. The bottom half of the mural is grounded by layers of patterns coming together to form a tapestry or quilt-like whole. Inspirational words from the Pine Hills Brand Statement are in between the patterned layers which intend to educate and inspire the viewer.

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