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An original artwork for the entrance of the Municipal Complex Walking Trails 

Wylie, Texas

January 2024

The Revery is a multi-dimensional piece with  a mixture of many pieces coming together  to form one whole.

Inspired by the interwoven Black Land Prairie community of plant, animal, and insect species and their dependency upon each other, I centered the mosaic around  this unique ecosystem. Symbolism also plays a role in the piece through its spiral shape and the patterns found in the laser perforated steel. These patterns pay homage to the Caddo Indian Tribe who were prolific artists that made pottery.

The Caddos once occupied the grounds of the Municipal Complex Site and shards of their pottery were actually found there. 

All the steel was  fabricated and engineered by the artisans at Renfro+Co. in Houston, Texas.

The Revery is a celebration of community...past, present and future.

It is a celebration of connectedness, resilience, hope and beauty.

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