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Historic Entry Plaza Stairs

Washington DC

              "Harmony" is a colorful, but serene exterior mosaic to greet the viewer. Like many of my works, I have included the elements of nature.

The sun, earth, sky, and water are universal symbols that connect us to each other. The water in this piece represents the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers which surround the community. The scale of the images and vastness of color will capture the viewer from afar, while the detail and texture of the mosaic draws the viewer in. The 15’ width of the stairs allows for lots of movement and fluidity within the design.

Harmony should evoke a sense of calm, happiness, and connect the school with the surrounding community in a peaceful, engaging way.  

Mixed media of ceramic tile, glass, mortar and grout.

6' x 15'

Installed April, 2022

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