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Brooks Street Bridge

‘’Natural Rhythm’’ is over 920 square feet of colorful hand-cut ceramic tile.

The piece was created with input from the local community members and pays homage to the beautiful flora and fauna native to Sugar Land. The main, larger mural on the East Wall depicts a scene of sky, water, sun and earth. Colorful hand-cut tile and mirror accent the natural elements appearing throughout the piece. Native birds, such as the Mockingbird, Cardinal, American White Ibis and Yellow Crowned Night Heron all make an appearance. You will find Muscovy Ducks, a Red-eared Slider, and a Monarch butterfly amongst the native Purple Cone Flowers and Black-eyed Susans. The West Wall serves as an accent to the main piece with additional native species. “Natural Rhythm” should evoke a sense of universal life, while grounding the viewer intimately into the immediate, surrounding community. The large scale of the images and vastness of color will capture the viewer from afar, while the detail and texture of the mosaic draws the pedestrian viewer in.


Mixed media of ceramic tile, glass, mortar and grout in aluminum framing.

2' X 460'

Installed May, 2021 & July 2023

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